Why do we bother?
Because most modern housing just isn’t good enough.

Because we got angry about the way volume housebuilders were riding roughshod over great tracts of our towns and countryside: erasing traces of the past; ignoring established communities and chucking up identikit Noddy houses at the lowest possible cost.

Because we believe that housing should be specific to its context; that, done properly, development should improve rather than destroy, the biodiversity of the site.That it’s not just about houses, but about landscape, culture, community. Because we simply didn’t believe it when we were told that you can’t build beautiful environmentally- friendly housing at a price that most people can afford.

What did we get up to in…


Hab was established by the writer, designer and broadcaster Kevin McCloud. It stands for Happiness Architecture Beauty. We build houses that make people happy; that keep people warm in winter and cool in summer and generally comfortable and cheerful all year round. We work with brilliant architects and landscape architects to make places that look great and work well, and have lots of outdoor space for people to play, chat, lie in the sun, throw a good party, grow their own food.

But we do lots of other things as well…

This April we will be:


For a bright, keen and capable Sales and Marketing Manager as part of HAB’s expansion plans. Full info is hosted by Escape the City. Please form an orderly queue…

Masterplanning the fun bits

As HAB’s brand new in-house landscape architect Catherine Haigh (to whom, welcome to the team!) was helping the #shapemycity group in Bristol as they embarked on their landscape design challenge.



model making

Defending London’s Skyline

Because along with architects such as David Chipperfield and Alison Brooks, artist Anish Kapoor, philosopher Alain de Botton and playwright Alan Bennett, HAB’s Chairman Kevin McCloud is publicly backing the Skyline campaign. This reactionary force has mobilised to retard the scattershot development of ill-placed skyscrapers across the capital.