About Hab

We’ve tried to think about EVERYTHING, from making sure bike storage is at the front of the house so residents don’t have to tramp muddy wheels through their living rooms to using the latest green building techniques and technologies to create healthy homes that are cheaper to run.

No nasty chemicals, as well as clever bits of kit that cut those heating bills. We haven’t got everything right, but we’re pretty pleased with the results – and determined to do even better with our next projects in Oxford and Stroud.

But it’s not just about houses. We create places. And that means we think about the landscape, the context and the setting of every home we build.

It’s the spaces in between the houses that REALLY make a difference.

All the Hab houses at the Triangle sit around a central green, and landscape architect Luke Engleback has designed a wonderful collection of spaces including kitchen gardens for residents to grow their own vegetables.

HAB stands for Home and Beyond [Formerly – Happiness Architecture Beauty]

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