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If you’re interested in buying or building a HAB home or indeed just dying to know a bit more, send us your needs, desires, thoughts and queries.

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Land or Projects

Mike Roberts & David Eynon
Mike Roberts & David Eynon
Development Team

LAND WANTED - If you have a site for development, an idea for a joint venture or are involved in a neighbourhood plan, Mike and David are your men and would love to hear from you. Trust is not something usually associated with developers, but it could be Mike's middle name - instead his parents plumped for John.

Buying a House

Simon McWhirter & Jasmine Padden
Simon McWhirter & Jasmine Padden
Sales & Marketing Team

These are the go to people for anyone wanting to buy one of our homes, but be warned: he’s Irish and stereotypically garrulous and she's a yoga expert, so you'll be crossing more than just t's.

Contact them on 0117 403 0715


Isabel Allen & Catherine Haigh
Isabel Allen & Catherine Haigh
Design Team

If you want to discuss housing design, whether ours or anyone else’s, or indeed if you've discovered a housing project so beautiful that ‘it’ could make a grown man cry get in touch (or just send them a really good joke).


Simon McWhirter
Simon McWhirter
Head of Communications and Sales

Him again, looks after Sales and Communications so he's the person for press, marketing and all that malarkey. 

Contact him on 0117 403 0717


Chris Roach
Chris Roach
Housing & Commercial

Chris is the current table tennis champion of Temple Studios. With more 'ping' than 'pong' he deals with the daily in's and out's of the development process, ensuring the smooth running of our build schedules and maintaining the core relationship between our contractors.


Frank Porritt & Faye Sharp
Frank Porritt & Faye Sharp
Finance & Procurement

"Show me the money!" is a phrase these two are familiar with (despite not seeing the film Jerry Maguire). Frank and Faye keep our purse strings in order so that we can afford to build even more of our beautiful homes.

Legal Matters

David Gidney
David Gidney
Legal Director

David is our resident legal eagle and excellent all-round sounding board with a wealth of construction sector experience behind him. Sharp as a tack on the tennis court, too.

Everything Else

Vicky Tilson
Vicky Tilson
Team Manager

Jack of all trades and resident Tae Kwon-Do afficinado, she packs a punch on the double bass as well and is an avid watcher of 'Columbo'.
But if you're not sure who to turn to, then she'll be your fist, sorry, first port of call.



Our Founder

Kevin McCloud
Kevin McCloud

He set up HAB with a Messianic desire to improve the UK's housing landscape, and it remains unabated in his role as Chairman. You may have seen that he does bits and bobs on the telly as well.

HAB Land

Tom Jarman
Tom Jarman

Drop him a line with queries on our project finance and investment partner HAB Land.  

Snail Mail

Put pen to paper
Put pen to paper

Or, if you're 'old skool', you can write to us by post at the following address:

HAB Housing - Unit 11, Temple Studios, Temple Gate, Bristol, BS1 6QA

Or drop in and visit us. We're next to Bristol Temple Meads station.

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