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If you’re interested in buying or building a HAB home or indeed just dying to know a bit more, send us your needs, desires, thoughts and queries.

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If something is not working as it should within your home, the best way to get it solved is to click on 'Report Something' below.

HAB Housing is open Monday to Friday from 8.30 - 18.00 and you can call us during these hours on 0117 403 0718

If you wish to report an urgent matter out of these hours, then please contact our Management Company BNS on 0117 957 0809

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If you want to talk about...


Commercial Team
Commercial Team
Dave Gray, Faye Sharp & James Lewton

Dave Gray heads up the team as HAB's Operations Director. Faye looks after procuring services and materials, with one eye on quality and the other on the balance sheet along with James our Assistant Surveyor.


Sales Team
Sales Team
Jasmine Padden & Simon McWhirter

Jasmine and Simon are the people to go to for anyone wanting to buy one of our homes, but be warned: Jasmine's a yoga expert, so you'll be crossing more than just t's.

Contact them on 0117 403 0715


Design Team
Design Team
Robert Harold

If you want to discuss housing design, whether ours or anyone else’s, or indeed if you've discovered a housing project so beautiful that ‘it’ could make a grown man cry get in touch.


Media Team
Media Team
Simon McWhirter & Jasmine Padden

Simon looks after Marketing and Communications with Jasmine so for press, marketing and all that malarkey. 

Contact him on 0117 403 0717


Land Team
Land Team
Mike Roberts & David Eynon

LAND WANTED - If you have a site for development, an idea for a joint venture or are involved in a neighbourhood plan, Mike and David are your men and would love to hear from you. 


Finance Team
Finance Team
Simon, Frank & Charlotte

Headed up by Simon Bullock, a seasoned FD with over 25 years’ experience, who is responsible for counting the money and ensuring that Frank and Charlotte have enough to spend.

A qualified Accounting Technician, Charlotte is a keen cook who spends her free time baking - coffee and walnut cake being her signature dish. She could even give Mary Berry a run for her money.


Legal Matters

David Gidney
David Gidney
Legal Director

David is our resident legal eagle and excellent all-round sounding board with a wealth of construction sector experience behind him. Sharp as a tack on the tennis court, too.

Kings Worthy Site

Martin Cooper
Martin Cooper
Project Manager

Martin is project manager for our Kings Worthy development, ensuring that daily tasks are done and that work stays on schedule.

A brick layer by trade, when he's not being the gaffer he likes to sample the high-octane thrills of theme parks, both at home and abroad.

Our Founder

Kevin McCloud
Kevin McCloud

He set up HAB with a Messianic desire to improve the UK's housing landscape, and it remains unabated in his role as Chairman. You may have seen that he does bits and bobs on the telly as well.

Advocate for HAB

Vicky Tilson
Vicky Tilson
Gone but not forgotten

No longer working here but still passionate about what HAB is setting out to do and has already achieved. Building communities of people, not just houses, and always keeping in mind the environment and sustainability. 

Good bye!


Snail Mail

Write to us!
Write to us!
Put pen to paper

If you're 'old skool', you can write to us by post at the following address:

HAB Housing - Unit 11, Temple Studios, Temple Gate, Bristol, BS1 6QA

Or drop in and visit us. We're next to Bristol Temple Meads station.


Steve the Seagull
Steve the Seagull
Adopted Mascot

Steve is our beloved seagull, who visits us frequently at Temple Studios. But beware, if he catches you with a tasty Hart's pastry in your hands, you'll be the one going hungry!

Photography used by kind permission of Look Again, Paul Miller,
Studio Engleback, Thousand Word Media, Vicky Tilson and Timothy Soar

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