Buying a New Home Could Slash Your Energy Bills by Over 40%

Buying a New Home Could Slash Your Energy Bills by Over 40%

Posted 22/11/17

New homes can save homeowners up to £629 a year in energy bills, according to a new report by the Home Builders Federation. But at HAB, we’ve committed to going much much further.

The recent report, titled ‘You’ve got the power’, discloses Energy Performance Certificate data which reveals new homes being built in England and Wales are “considerably more” energy efficient than older builds.

The Energy Performance Certificate – which is a rating system from A-G on how efficiently your home uses energy - shows that 8 our of 10 of new builds achieve the top A or B rating for energy efficiency, in comparison to only 2.2% of their older counterparts.

Government data shows that new homes consume on average 103kWh/sq m of energy, resulting in an average spend of £443.30 per year for heating, hot water and lighting. This compared to an average 294kWh/sq m in existing homes, costing £1,072 per year, leads to a saving of £629 per year for new home owners.

At HAB, the environment and energy efficiency is one of our major sustainability priorities – essential as housing represents almost 30% of the UK’s energy use. Our homes are designed to benefit buyers and the environment, and we always look for ways to push this agenda forward; and we are actively progressing towards the delivery of Net Energy Positive schemes.

Development at scale enables the deployment of innovative technology to maximise the use of electricity generated by systems such as solar PV cells. Usually, these generate the greatest amount of electricity during the day, when people are, for example, away from their homes at work and not actually using any appliances. As such, the majority of the electricity generated is simply exported back to the National Grid for a rapidly diminishing financial return.

By implementing coordinated interventions, such as community-scale battery storage, we are working towards development-wide solutions to capture this ‘excess’ solar energy and enable it to be used by residents when they actually need it. Through this, and by moving more towards ‘all electric’ homes, by 2020 we hope to be able to deliver developments which consume less energy over the course of a year than they actually generate; saving our resident money on their bills and playing our part in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the built environment.


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