Celebrating Apple Day

Posted 30/09/10

Why? Because we’re all for celebrations. Particularly when they’re to
do with food. And we’re feeling especially fond of apples now that we’re
working on a housing project in Stroud, a town with its sights set firmly
on becoming the Apple Capital of the UK. And we’re big fans of Common
, a generally heroic-without-being-too-sanctimonious organization
that established Apple Day in protest against the destruction of British
orchards. Check out the list of apple-related high jinks in your neck of
the woods. For our part, we’ll be competing in the ‘Longest of the Longest’
apple peeling competition. Prizes include Somerset brandy (yum!) and,
um, a book about apples. But all we care about is beating Robert Allen
from Hertfordshire, the Apple Day Reigning Champ, who managed
to make a single piece of peel a whopping 37 feet long.
After all, it’s the winning that counts.


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