A closer look at Lovedon Fields nature -Bat

A closer look at Lovedon Fields nature -Bat

Posted 31/10/16

Lovedon fields has a thriving nature scene and one of the species native to the area is the Soprano Pipistrelle Bat. 

Scientific name: Pipistrellus pygmaeus

What does a Soprano Pipistrelle look like?

The Soprano Pipistrelle is a very small bat, with a body less than five centimetres long, and a wingspan of around 15 centimetres. Its body is covered in dark or chestnut brown fur, and its wings are opaque. They have short, triangular ears with a rounded tip, and usually weigh between four and eight grams.

How do soprano pipistrelles behave?

Soprano Pipistrelles are mammals, so they give birth to live offspring (just one baby at a time for the pipistrelles), usually at the start of the summer The mating season starts in spring and continues through to autumn.

Soprano Pipistrelle bats are largely nocturnal, sleeping in the day and emerging from their roost about 20 minutes after sunset, although sometimes they come out in daylight.

What do Soprano Pipistrelle bats eat?

Soprano Pipistrelles feed after sunset—catching hundreds of tiny insects as they fly.

Where do Soprano Pipistrelle bats like to live?

Soprano Pipistrelle bats often avoid open spaces like farmland or moorland, preferring semi-natural woodland or tree lines, and they often roost in buildings.

They find small, dark spaces in the eaves, behind panelling and in crevices in walls and stonework. They can sometimes be found roosting in trees, and often like to use bat boxes created for them. Throughout the winter, Soprano Pipistrelles live in mixed-sex roosts but from April females can be found in nursery roosts with 25 to 50 others. At HAB Housing, we are using specially designed bat bricks that offer a permanent home for bats that live in the Kings Worthy area.  As a protected species, it is important that their habitat is preserved and enhanced, and our bat bricks often provide a warmer alternative.




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