Festival of the Future City

Posted 17/11/15

Taking place from the 17th - 20th November in Bristol, the aims of Festival of the Future City are: to inspire wide thinking and debate about the future of cities; to look at examples of good practice in cities that will help promote a better and more resilient, sustainable and propsperous future for all; to examine and debate good examples of city futures from the past and what they can tell us now; to provide models for future city development; and to promote debate and discussion about the future city by the widest range of people and organisations.

There are sessions on healthy cities, age-friendly cities, smart cities, cities for all, new thinking about cities, world cities, nature-rich cities, resilience, inequality and social mobility, city thinkers of the past and what they can offer now, future work, utopian cities, the future of the High Street, immigration and cities, arts and playable cities, housing, and more.

HAB's Mike Roberts will be part of a panel discussing 'Architecture, Nature and Wildlife in Cities' on 18th November. Visit the Festival of the Future City website for more info.


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