HAB Chairman Kevin McCloud Speaks on the Future of Eco-Tech

HAB Chairman Kevin McCloud Speaks on the Future of Eco-Tech

Posted 14/02/18

Smart homes are the next big thing, and it looks like they’re here to stay. We’ve already seen robot vacuum cleaners, home assistants, and even voice-activated locks, but smart homes take things a step further, using tech to help the environment.

At our Lovedon Fields development in Kings Worthy near Winchester, homeowners use smart technology, which gives them remote control over systems including heating, to reduce bills and increase comfort. But this is just the beginning. The future of smart homes is only getting smarter.

Speaking to Homes and Property last week, HAB chairman Kevin McCloud shared his vision for the next generation of eco-tech. He said:

"You will be able to buy five key pieces of technology, probably for around £750, that will all talk to each other. Your fridge will read its contents and order ingredients for you. It will also connect to the national grid and work out the minimum power it needs to keep your contents fresh, so there’ll be no need to turn extra power stations on."

"A Foobot – or similar – will measure your air quality and connect with your Amazon Echo, which will inform you when need to open a window. Light switches will become redundant because bulbs will have little WiFi components in them and be controlled by your smartphone."

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