HAB IFA Bond: Meet Investment Partners, Platform One

HAB IFA Bond: Meet Investment Partners, Platform One

Posted 19/10/17

The HAB IFA Bond launched this summer, with online investment company, Platform One, a new partner to our sustainable finance plans. We caught up with them to find out who they are, what they do, and how they came to partner with HAB at this exciting time in our development.


Who are Platform One, and what do you do?

Platform One is a UK and International online investment platform. It has been designed with UK high net worth clients in mind, and also to meet the growing needs of the international market place. Created by a group of experienced and influential industry figures, Platform One provides a unique facility which supports all aspects of specialist wealth management with leading-edge technology working in parallel with premium service standards.


Why have you chosen to work with HAB? How did the partnership come about?

The opportunity to work with HAB came through a Financial Adviser who assists with high net worth clients and who has helped fund numerous property developments. Once introduced to HAB Housing, we felt that their aims, to provide communities with high quality, affordable and sustainable housing, were objectives we also support and that we should help facilitate qualifying investors to subscribe to the bond.


What is the goal for Platform One working with HAB?

The goal is to provide a platform that enables qualifying investors to support HAB’s development plans and also benefit them with the ability to obtain their HAB Capital interest tax free via an ISA or a SIPP (or SASS), if required.


How is the HAB IFA Bond different from other bonds?

In order to invest in the HAB IFA Bond, you will need to be a qualified investor and have a financial adviser who is able to confirm your status.


What other projects have Platform One worked on? Anything similar?

As a high net worth platform, we cater for most of the specialist investments that are suitable for the top tier segment of the advised market. This includes EIS, SEIS, VCT and BPR investments.


How will investors know about the Bond, and how will they be kept up to date?

Platform One has a page on the HAB microsite providing the technical reports from the monitoring company on the HAB developments. In addition, the HAB Capital website will have regular updates on the developments.


Once the investment target has been met, what happens next?

HAB Housing has ambitious plans and many great opportunities to convert their development ethos into beautiful, sustainable and affordable homes for local communities. Once the current HAB Bond has been completed, we hope to continue to work with HAB Housing to help them achieve their wider aims and ambitions. 


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