HAB's seeking a Sales and Marketing Expert

Posted 19/09/14

This is a hugely exciting time for HAB. This is a new position for the business, reporting to the Communications and Sales Director, Simon McWhirter.

Roles and Responsibilities

HAB is still a young organisation and is developing quickly. We are relying on you to be motivated, imaginative and happy to work independently and in a wide variety of roles. 

The list of responsibilities will include:

  • Work with the HAB team to develop, articulate and implement HAB’s approach and ethos with regard to the sales and marketing of our homes and wider business, with particular focus on the opportunities afforded by our custom build housing model.
  • Coordinate and strategise HAB’s digital marketing and social media programme.
  • Compile competitor analysis and market research.
  • Prepare marketing materials for both HAB and its projects across the full extent of the sales and marketing pathway, and additionally for public consultation, pitches and meetings as required.
  • Manage our online sales areas and performance on HAB, agency and portal platforms, using digital data as appropriate to refine strategy.
  • Assist with management of sales process, from the crafting of our show homes and sales offices, through the implementation and launch of new sites to legal completions and after-sales service.
  • Oversee negotiators’ performance.
  • Represent HAB at meetings and events as required.

You’ll need to have the following essential experience and skills:

  • At least three years’ work experience in the residential property sales and marketing sector, with a proven track record of delivery and innovation.
  • Excellent verbal communication.
  • Brilliance at writing marketing copy (for on- and offline needs); often to tight deadlines.
  • An aptitude for networking and building excellent working relationships with people.
  • Fluency in web CMS systems, social media and an understanding of employing social channels.
  • Expertise in CRM management.
  • Proven experience in efficient and effective budget planning and management.
  • A demonstrable interest in HAB’s core business – building sustainable, well-designed, community-focussed homes.

We are a small team with huge ambitions and an unpredictable workload. Hence it is essential that all members of the team are prepared to pitch in and assist with other areas of the business as and when required. We would urge you to view yourself very much as a member of the general HAB team and to accept that there will be elements of your day-to-day workload that are not necessarily specifically sales and marketing-related but are concerned with the development and ambitions of the company as a whole.

Place of Work

Variable, but with Bristol as our office base. We view travel time as work time and expect it to be used productively. Reasonable travel costs to meetings – along with any other approved business-related expenses – are reimbursed on a monthly basis.


£35,000 per annum. Full time.


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