Inside HAB: The affordable reality of custom build homes for all

Inside HAB: The affordable reality of custom build homes for all

Posted 12/09/18

To allow the flexibility that families need to suit their lifestyle and needs, we offer custom build options where possible on all HAB schemes. Custom building allows homes to be designed upside down with the bedrooms downstairs for those with access needs, or with soundproofed walls for musicians, or strengthened floors for home gyms…In fact, almost anything is possible.

Although this sounds like a luxury, at HAB, we believe it doesn’t have to be. Custom build housing can be accessible to everyone.

So how can the perceived extravagance of custom build housing become affordable? HAB Chairman, Kevin McCloud, thinks the answer lies in the balance of prefabrication, and increased engagement with suppliers and customers. Kevin said:

“Custom build can be upscaled, but kept affordable, using off-site fabrication methods. This means getting a building up and watertight in a matter of days rather than weeks or months. We’d eventually like it to be just hours.”

It can take a long time to build your average house, but using the latest technologies, it’s now possible to create homes in safe, dry warehouses, where the quality can be just as high as on-site builds, and the customer can be offered the flexibility they need from their home.

A home is more than just four walls to live in, so a one-size-fits-all approach is not always appropriate. Our homes are where we spend most of our time, and HAB’s designers believe that homeowners should love their space, and want to be there because it’s perfectly adapted for them.

HAB’s Chief Operating Officer, Dave Gray, thinks making houses that are easily adaptable for the future is the way forward when it comes to custom building. He said:

“Designing homes with floors spanning the outside walls so the layout can be changed later, or building roofs that are easily adaptable so the loft space can be easily adapted without having to bring in engineers is the answer to creating accessible custom build housing.”

Have you been dreaming of a custom build home? We can offer you the opportunity to “walk around” your potential new home and select the modifications your family needs using the latest Virtual Reality tech. Get in touch with HAB today and find out more about our custom build options.

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