Inside HAB: how people are the key to a thriving business

Inside HAB: how people are the key to a thriving business

Posted 14/08/18

At HAB Housing, our team is key. We believe that the success of a business depends on people as much as product, and the team who builds your business will make your brand thrive, bring ideas to life, and be the ‘face’ of your company that is relatable to customers.

As a housing developer that does things a little differently, it’s important that the HAB team are an energetic, creative, and like-minded bunch. Our Chairman, Kevin McCloud, and Chief Operating Officer, Dave Gray, sat down to chat about company ethos and the invaluable benefits of a good team.

Kevin commented:

“It’s interesting that businesses thrive on the people and the individuals that make them. They thrive on the energy as much they do as on the skill and the talent of people. [When recruiting] we’re always looking for someone who could bring organisational structure so HAB Housing can really flourish and grow - but we’re looking for energy as well.”

Whilst new and creative energy has its benefits, there are still established patterns that work well in any industry. Striking a balance between the need for exciting new ideas and maintaining respect for proven processes can be tricky. Dave explained:

“You can’t be scared or apprehensive about making mistakes. And you can’t be overly process driven or structured because that sometimes stifles creativity in the way you move forward.”

Though balance isn’t always easy to find, at HAB we believe that sharing knowledge and offering experience to the next generation of house builders and developers keep our team driven and thriving.

Do you want to know more about the HAB team and the creative input our designers bring to each of our sustainable developments? Look out for more in our Inside HAB blog series coming soon.


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