Inside HAB: Rising to the challenge for alternatives in the current housing market

Inside HAB: Rising to the challenge for alternatives in the current housing market

Posted 06/09/18

In a crowded housing market, where prices soar and drop on a seemingly weekly basis, it can be hard to see the space for opportunity. The Government has announced the need for 300,000 new homes per year to combat the undeniable crisis in the UK housing market, so why are so few developers delivering?

HAB Chairman, Kevin McCloud, shared his thoughts:

“The 2012 Government National Planning Policy framework was released, which demands high quality, sustainable, contemporary design for communities. The idea is to see properly thought-out, exciting, individual places to save the garden town and garden village movement. There’s a big drive for that.”

At HAB we believe there is an opportunity to rise to the demands of this Government planning framework, to deliver high quality homes and places that feel unique to residents. The main opportunity presenting itself in the current climate is to make rural communities and suburbs more sustainable, thriving places, where people truly love to live.

Kevin added:

“We keep reviewing opportunities and thinking, ‘this is ideal for us,’ but we are only just getting to the point where all the place-making work we’ve done for the past 11 years is suddenly being demanded. People want it to be the norm, and this is borne out of response from the market when we come to sell our custom-build homes.”

In terms of HAB’s contribution, there is opportunity in offering true alternatives to current and tradition market stock: high quality, contemporary designs, which set us apart from the average housing developer. Want to know more about how our approach to design is a little different? Find out here.

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