Inside HAB: What’s next? “More, more, more - bring it on.”

Inside HAB: What’s next? “More, more, more - bring it on.”

Posted 25/09/18

In this series, we have discussed the current housing market climate, our triple bottom line, and the various approaches to developing a sustainable community. But great ideas must be followed through if we are to make a real difference, so what does that mean for HAB Housing and our future delivery?

HAB Chairman, Kevin McCloud, has a simple answer:

“More, more, more, more, more - bring it on! We’ve put out our message about energy-positive homes. What would really excite me this year is to feel that we are getting real traction with the idea of the garden town and the garden village, and the truly sustainable resilient community.”

HAB’s Lovedon Fields development in Kings Worthy, near Winchester, is unique in that it showcases a step towards that notion. Designed with landscape at its heart, Lovedon Fields incorporates wildflower meadows, allotments, green spaces, and facilities for the whole community to enjoy, as well as a range of custom build homes to suit the varying lifestyles of residents.

HAB’s Chief Operations Officer, Dave Gray, said:

It’s also about challenging others and showing evidence that it can be done if you think about what you’re doing and put in more consideration. On top of that, challenging ourselves and learning from our mistakes as we go along. You can’t build bespoke houses that have never been built before and expect it to go perfectly the first time. We are effectively prototyping these schemes.”

As well as prototyping custom build schemes, we’re also pioneering the handing over of land once our work on site is done. We began this initiative in 2017 by passing Lovedon Fields on to Fields in Trust, a charity who support green spaces and protect them for communities to enjoy in the long term.

To find out more about HAB’s mission to revolutionise the way homes are built around communities, and not the other way around, you can read our ‘Let’s Talk HAB’ series here.


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