Let's Talk HAB: Building Communities Beyond Our Houses

Let's Talk HAB: Building Communities Beyond Our Houses

Posted 27/12/17

At HAB we pride ourselves on looking beyond the home and into the local community. We know that lives extend beyond the four walls we live in, and want our residents to love where they live. In all of our projects, we find ways to help friendships blossom and communities flourish.

We all recoil at the idea of social engineering, so HAB Co-Founder Isabel Allen explained how it is that we manage to we build a sense of place, as well as just houses.

“It’s very gentle process. You can allow places to feel like they offer the possibility for people to meet, or to feel like they own something, and often the sense of community will grow naturally from those places.”

From benches to village greens to allotments, HAB developments are never short of shared spaces where residents and the wider community can enjoy time to themselves, or together.

“We believe that, like any relationship, it takes time for everyone to get along together. We make sure there are windows looking out where you do the washing up, or benches outside houses where people can sit, and give signals that they are open for people to come and say hello. It also gives a natural place to pause, or to sit and chat, and helps people feel more engaged within their community.”

One of HAB’s bottom lines is social housing. All of our developments provide up to 50% social housing, alongside more expensive properties to encourage life’s rich tapestry.

“You have to be slightly open to that to want to live in a HAB development. A price point might be higher, like at Lovedon Fields because it’s just outside of Winchester, but it’s 40% social housing and lots of people actively liked that and it sold out off-plan. People are moving forward and they don’t want to be in a dated community.”

We love how receptive our residents are to our efforts around inspiring community feeling.

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