Let's Talk HAB: How Approach to Design Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Let's Talk HAB: How Approach to Design Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Posted 20/11/17

At HAB we put design at the forefront of all we do. It’s the main focus when selecting sites, planning our development, and building the homes themselves. And we're interested as much in the space between houses as the houses themselves.

HAB’s Founding Director and design guru Isabel Allen talks about the design process, and how it sets HAB apart from other housing developers.

“We have a landscape architect on our staff, and the first thing we do on a site is perform a proper analysis of its natural characteristics, the views, the topography, the wildlife and the trees. Typically, if house builders employ a landscape architect at all, it tends to be late in the process. For us, everything that happens at a site stems from what is already there. Having our own landscape architect means we can get straight to work on ways to enhance, build on, and protect a site.”

So with a HAB development, the landscape strategy always comes first. We plan wildlife corridors, orchards and other features, so that when it comes to the buildings themselves, there is space for great architecture.

“Architecturally, HAB have always had a very strong aesthetic taste, but it's also very simple. We set out for our housing to be affordable and efficient. The richness and the character always come from the landscape itself, which is the main thing that sets us apart.”

We love to see residents and members of the local community continue our careful work around the schemes. Would you like to be part of a HAB community? We’ve got big plans for new sites across England coming soon.

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