Let’s Talk HAB: How HAB Design Makes its Mark on the Property Market

Let’s Talk HAB: How HAB Design Makes its Mark on the Property Market

Posted 16/10/17

The ever-competitive UK property market can leave many of us feeling sour. Rising prices, falling opportunities, less space, fewer options… It can be enough to make you want to stay put. That’s why one of HAB’s goals is to make the market a better place for buyers and developers alike.

At HAB, we pride ourselves on building not just beautiful and sustainably designed homes, but affordable ones at that. HAB Design Consultant and Founding Partner, Isabel Allen, discussed the difference that beautifully designed new builds can make on a saturated property market.

“Buying houses is something of a national obsession. Everyone is on Rightmove and PrimeLocation, and they use a formula: how many rooms do I want? How many square metres do I need? Am I close to a school with the right Ofsted report?

What they don’t consider is the opportunities to build value in smaller things, like amazing views from the back window, the thriving local wildlife, or a safe walk to that good Ofsted school which avoids main roads.”

These factors have lead to innovative marketing when it comes to our new developments. Beyond the standard information you’d find in any old housing brochure, we’ve dug a little deeper to give prospective buyers an idea of exactly how it will feel to live in our homes and developments all year round.

“Our brochures for each new scheme explore what there is to do in the area during each season. People understand that they’re buying into a lifestyle as well as investing in a new home. It can be hard because landscape has to grow and bed in, so when photos are taken around the opening of a development they aren't looking their best. We show buyers how their community will look in two years time. It’s hard to quantify and put a price on these things so early on.”

This is the second blog in our series, Let’s Talk HAB. Our first blog, with Co-Founder, Mike Roberts, addresses how our approach to site development differs from the rest.

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