Let’s Talk HAB: How Our Approach to Site Development Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Let’s Talk HAB: How Our Approach to Site Development Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Posted 14/09/17

At HAB, we like to think we do things a little differently.

Inspired or perhaps frustrated by the lack of variety in large volume housing developments, we’ve always felt there must be an alternative way to build not just houses, but homes and communities. We understand that houses don’t work as one-size-fits-all hence our passion in providing buyers an opportunity to input into the creative design of their home, which means their family and lifestyle is individually catered for.

HAB Co-Founder, Mike Roberts, explains how the HAB approach to housing sets us apart from other developers.

“With every scheme, we start by thinking about how we can make it as special as possible. What can we create? What is the vision? How will the experience of living here be? We want it to be a great place for residents. Starting with the place before looking at buildings is key for us.

“Everyone strives for the best possible living experience, and that extends beyond the home itself. A sense of community, a friendly neighbourhood, a place that feels special and residents will feel proud to call home are a central focus of our planning process.

“Too many schemes are built with only roads in mind. We think about how easily people can walk to local amenities, or if there are footpaths running into the local town or village, rather than how well connected it is for someone to get in their car and go somewhere else. We want our residents to love where they live, and want to stay there.”

Our holistic approach to site development has proven popular at the Lovedon Fields scheme in Kings Worthy near Winchester, which sold 100% off-plan. The development captures all of our key criteria in planning new homes: it is sustainably and beautifully designed, it’s well connected to the local community, and buyers used virtual reality technology to walk around and customise the homes to suit their needs, before they’d even been built. This interactive and intimate approach is something buyers would rarely receive from a large-volume developer of identikit homes.

Keep an eye out for more stories about what makes HAB, HAB. From what inspires our designers, to the ways we build relationships in communities, to the key design features that we refuse to compromise on. 

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