Let's Talk HAB: Keeping it Sustainable with One Planet Living’s Principles

Let's Talk HAB: Keeping it Sustainable with One Planet Living’s Principles

Posted 06/11/17

It’s no secret that sustainability is key in HAB’s approach to site development and design: in fact, its one of our proudest accomplishments.

At HAB, we try to make the development process as holistic as possible, and follow guidance from One Planet Living’s 10 principles. It works as a high-level checklist to cover everything that’s important to us.

The main aspects we take from the 10 principles are:

  • Health and Happiness
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Equity and Fair Trade

HAB Co-Founder Mike Roberts discussed these guidelines, and how HAB makes sure they incorporate the principles in every project.

“The concepts of Health and Happiness speak for themselves, but we're also seeing the health agenda coming to the forefront much more in the overall sustainability priorities. Things are less overtly green now, so whilst it’s still about reducing carbon emissions, we aren’t necessarily talking about it. It’s easier to engage with people by talking about healthier living environments, and understanding what’s good for our physical and mental health.

“Culture and Heritage fits well with HABs core values, because it considers the history of a place and what’s happened there. It means we see the new development as a continuation of a story, rather than something completely new to that location.”

For HAB it comes naturally to start with our values first, so we don’t have to force sustainability into the planning process. It’s a massive subject that’s on everyone’s lips recently, so we are constantly striving to improve the way we work, and incorporate sustainability into what we do.

“As a society, we need to move beyond sustainable development, into regenerative development. We should be creating benefits, rather than just minimising harm. At HAB we are developing schemes that are net energy positive, rather than just low energy usage, and we approach biodiversity with a focus on maximising gain, rather than minimising loss.”

Would you love to live in a fully sustainable home? It doesn’t have to be a figment of your imagination. We’re currently raising funds to fuel our ambitious sustainability plans, and you can help us achieve them.

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