Let's Talk HAB Making a House a Home - Where HAB Refuses to Compromise

Let's Talk HAB Making a House a Home - Where HAB Refuses to Compromise

Posted 20/12/17

Building beautiful homes that people love it live in isn’t always an easy process. It would be simple to go down the large-volume route and pop up identikit housing to suit everyone and no one, but that’s not how we do things at HAB.

Design Director and Co-Founding Partner Isabel Allen explains the key design features that the HAB team refuse to compromise on when it comes to building a sustainable dream-home.

“Of course we want to build a nice place for families to cook and eat, with a space for table and chairs. We aren’t going to be building homes that promote TV dinners as we think the holistic experience of family living is one of the most important aspects of what makes a house a home.

“But we understand that affordability is really important, and that there is a market for smaller houses. So we always try to find a way to make a home fit the entire family living experience, no matter the size. We're not hung up on volume or space.”

At HAB we also believe in the deep-rooted need for a human connection with the outside world. Where you live is about more than just your home, and should incorporate everything that spans beyond your four walls.

“We will always do what we can to make people see what’s happening outside their home. Whether that’s tall windows so you can always see the sky, or sky lights so you can always feel the sun, even when the curtains are drawn, we believe that a connectedness with the outside world is very important – especially in city sites.”

That connectedness with the world also leads to more sociability, and helps our residence build relationships with their neighbours and the wider community. That’s why a HAB site will never be sliced up with fences to allow for the maximum amount of plots.

There’s always something that's greater than the sum of the parts, whether that be a shared space, or something more personal added during your custom-build process. That’s a real HAB trademark on which we’ll never compromise.

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