Posted 04/10/10

Why do we bother?

Because most modern housing just isn’t good enough. Because we got angry about the way volume housebuilders were riding roughshod over great tracts of our towns and countryside: erasing traces of the past; ignoring established communities and chucking up identikit Noddy houses at the lowest possible cost. Because we believe that housing should be specific to its context; that, done properly, development should improve rather than destroy, the biodiversity of the site.That it’s not just about houses, but about landscape, culture, community. Because we simply didn’t believe it when we were told that you can’t build beautiful environmentally- friendly housing at a price that most people can afford.

Do we ever actually get anything built?

It’s something of a surprise to us too, but in the words of Bob the Builder ‘Yes we DO’. Beautiful houses that keep people cool in summer and warm and winter and generally happy and smiling all year round. Places with beautiful outdoor spaces with communal gardens and edible landscapes and butterflies and badgers and birds. Really we do. Check out www.haboakus.co.uk to see that we’re really quite professional and grown up.

Can I make my community a better place to live?

Yes you can! So right now you could... Think of something you’d be happy to lend or give away. Or a skill you’d like to share. Then log onto streetbank to see if there’s anyone in your neighbourhood who’d like to take you up on it. If you fancy operating at a rather grander scale you could visit Transition Network for information about working as a community to respond to the pressures of climate change and generally improve well-being and happiness. Or you could check out the Movement for Happiness and add your weight to its mission to replace individualism and consumerism with community spirit and contentment. Or you could phone up somebody you really like and invite them over for a cup of tea.

Is there any point at all in dropping us a line?



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