Quietly hopeful

Posted 20/12/13
As we have submitted our first new .....(independent, etc non-HO, but HPH) planning application since .... (investment drive, crowd fund...?). Toegerth with our partner - HPH.... -  we're hoping to build a mixed development of 35 open market and affordable homes on an incredible site in Warminster, Wilts. Following Hab's model of ..... buyer-designed, customer-created, bespoke, tailored, individually-designed, self-sdesigned homes will be offering purchasers the chance to make their dream homes a reality, bringing the aspirational firmly down to earth / attainable, ,.... So get in touch if you'd like to have a hand in designing or building your own new home.... And for anyone put off by..... this is a whole different animal, a blog to place by Kevin about new Hab model... driven by I/my narrative place same in trade pieces by IA and on web sources/social by me first time to put MUCH longer blog piece together - Huffpost / Guardian?  


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