Wellbeing, outdoor living, and arty accents: our top three trends for 2019

Wellbeing, outdoor living, and arty accents: our top three trends for 2019

Posted 26/02/19

There are some big architecture and design trends on the horizon in 2019, and whether you’re renovating your home, developing a custom-build, or just looking for some inspiration, we’re sure there’s something there for you.

Here are three of our favourite trends for this year.

Blending interior and exterior living

Whether you’re using exposed materials to add depth and texture, building wellness features like home gyms and pools, or simply bringing the outside indoors with slate and timber cladding or clay plaster finishes, there are plenty of innovative ways to jump on this trend.

Arranging your garden or courtyard furniture to become an extension of the indoors, and concealing door frames so the indoors can flow out, are two easy fixes to combine the interior with the exterior. For those looking for something more adventurous, covered balconies and loggias, hidden lighting, and louvred openings are set to be all the rage.

Canopy beds bring an artisinal feel

Wellbeing in the home

A conscious use of space can make it easier to incorporate you and your family’s wellbeing into your home. That doesn’t have to be on the scale of a home gym… Sometimes a focus on our wellbeing can be as simple as calming and muted tones, soft textures, and cosy furnishings like throws and pillows.

This trend also feeds into sustainability, with a focus on smart or electric homes using renewable energies, materials that are sourced sustainably and designed to last, and the use of natural materials for finishes and furnishings are a must.

Agate wallpaper brings nature indoors

Artisanal interiors

Mineral finishes like stone and slate never go out of style. Mix that with copper and brass accents, rich colour palettes, vintage lighting and velvet furniture, and maybe some floral or geometric feature walls, and your home will be well on its way to meeting 2019’s bucket list of interior design looks. Canopy beds, bucket sinks, and agate wallpaper are also on the cards, for those looking to really commit to the trend.

If you’re looking for a custom-build home to suit your family’s lifestyle needs, HAB Housing probably has something for you. We are committed to developing beautiful and sustainable homes with the whole family in mind. So whether you’re interested in following the trends, or bucking them, we’d love to hear from you about the custom-build features you want to see in our upcoming developments.


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