Our Story

HAB stands for Home and Beyond [Formerly – Happiness Architecture Beauty]

These are the values we hold dear. We were set up by Kevin McCloud in 2007 to challenge the way identikit volume housing was built in the UK. The houses and places we build respect the local context and biodiversity; are strongly rooted in history, landscape and the community; and are sustainable, beautiful and a pleasure to live in.


Sustainability is our core principle. We work within One Planet Living’s guidelines, focusing on Health and Happiness, Culture and Heritage, and Equity and Fair Trade to make the development process as holistic as possible.

For us, environmental protection starts with the design – all of our houses have interesting elements such as bee bricks and bird boxes – to ensure that the embodied carbon has a neutral balance. We work with sustainable construction partners to ensure that our net impact is positive during the build process, and that we deliver features to promote the wellbeing of residents.

Healthy towns and communities

We are one of ten selected developers working with the NHS’ Healthy New Towns initiative, which aims to tackle social isolation, obesity, and other obstacles to wellbeing by promoting happiness and health through infrastructure built into housing developments. This includes community facilities, green spaces, children’s areas, and increasing biodiversity.

HAB’s awards list

From day one, HAB has been consistently recognised for its outstanding contribution to high quality, sustainable development across the South West of England, notching up an impressive and continuing list of awards and commendations for every one of our built projects, from the Sunday Times British Home Awards to the Architects’ Journal. We aim for that list to get a lot longer as we go on.

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